Computer laser plate making room


    自公司创立以来,一贯奉行“诚信 务实 优质 高效”的宗旨,始终坚持“质量第一,服务至上”的原则,把人才和科技作为源动力,把管理做为基础和保障,不断积累经验,紧抓技术引进。目前已拥有WJ80-1800型全自动五层瓦楞纸板生产线,高速自动水墨印刷开槽机、全自动粘箱机、全自动彩色贴面机、高速模切机、电脑激光雕刻机等国内一流先进设备。主要生产箱板、纸箱、纸盒及出口包装,尤其是为集中制板、分散制箱共同致富打下了良好基础。产品销售遍及全国各地,部分已打入国际市场。


The Shanxi Xinguang packing limited company(primary Guangming's packing limited company)is founded in 1996,covers an area of more than 20 thousand square metres of area,and total invests 800 Yu Wanyuan,and Nian Chan paper chest thousand Yu Wange's ability.

Consistently pursue the tenet of "sincere letter,being practical,high quality and high efficiency"since from the corporation founding,and persists in from beginning to end the principle of "quality first and service are the most supreme",and does person of ability and science and technology to motive force in source,and does the management to foundation and guarantee,and constantly accumulate experience,and grips that the technology recommends.

Possessing the complete voluntarily five layers of corrugated paper board production line of WJ80-1800's mould at present,at a high speed automatic Shui Mo prints to drive the machine in slot and complete to glue the chest machine vountarily and the complete voluntarily colored face machine and pattern at a high speed pasting to cut the internal first-rate advanded equipments such as machine and computer laser sculpture machine etc.

The major chest board,paper chest and paper cassette produced reaches the packing exporting,and particularly becoming rich jointly and conquering the good foundation for concentrating system board and scattered system chest.Whole nation various places,part type in international market are sold to the procuct.

Xinguang person indomitablely struggled hard in 10 years,and having established the trade position of today Xin's light,in order to keep the powerful development state of corporation,walking to the be expert at from beggining to end the industry front row,the high salary is engaged technology person of content further,and pours into fresh blood,and recommends the technology high equipment of content further,and raise the product grade for the enterprise develops,and with the highest quality and the optimum,serves in customer.



At a high speed automatic pattern is cut the machine

At a high speed automatic Shui Mo prints driving the machine in slot

Complete voluntarily colored face machine

corrugated paper board production line
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